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About ACON


The Autism Coalition of Nevada (ACON) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of a membership base of professionals, organizations, therapists, and individuals who serve Nevadans with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related neurodevelopmental disorders throughout our state as well as a multitude of individuals and families whose lives are affected by autism in some way.

We are a non-compete Coalition, dedicated to bringing these groups together in support of our common cause, goal and purpose which is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ACON supporters share the common goal of working towards a bright future, working together to help those affected by ASD and other related neurodevelopmental disorders. Collaboratively we work together to reach people who need help, and to create change – “One Voice...One Cause”.


The Autism Coalition of Nevada is dedicated to helping children, youth and their families who struggle with Autism by providing advocacy at the Nevada State Legislature, financial assistance to facilitate early diagnosis and therapeutic interventions, treatment, support services, and medical care, and to raise awareness about Autism by providing community educational training and services.



ACON believes that children, young adults, and their families who are touched by Autism deserve an early diagnosis, deserve to have access to evidence-based treatments, and that they are entitled to receive accurate information regardless of age, income, or race.

Our main purpose is to ensure that services are available to all, and to keep our members informed of progress in this area. The Autism Coalition of Nevada is focused in uniting people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, autism advocacy organizations, local and national political affiliates/Legislators, and the service providers in Nevada to ensure quality of life and care for people effected by ASD in our state.


Thank you so much for supporting the Autism Coalition of Nevada (ACON).

If you would like to support our cause, please make a charitable donation.




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Autism Coalition of Nevada